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:::::: ZKM EVENTS :::

forest 2 – another midsummer night's dream :: From September 2nd–September 6th 2009, Chris Ziegler, an artist affiliated with the ZKM, presents his latest theater work "forest 2". "forest 2" which is based on Shakespeare's drama "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Ovid's "Metamorphoses" plays with the complex elements of its literary origins. An extensive installation, which in conjunction with the music by Torsten Brandes and the Ensemble für Neue Musik Schloss Hamborn as well as a specific movement, light, and image architecture, creates an unusual association space in which the forest appears as a site of myths and fairytales, fears and dreams ⁄⁄ more
[Chris Ziegler: "forest 2 – another midsummer night's dream" | Theater installation at the ZKM_Media Theater | Wed-Sun 2009/09/02-06, free admission | Live interventions on Sat, Sept 05 and Sun, Sept 06 | www.movingimages.de]


<SA/JO>: MicroSonical Shining Biospheres No. 1 (2009) :: Media artists <SA/JO> (f.k.a. <sabine schäfer ⁄⁄ joachim krebs>) present their most recent "walk-in spatial-sound colored light body" for micro-acoustic animal sounds and three-dimensional LED-colored light. In creating this sound-light environment, they were inspired by the latest breakthroughs in neuro-scientific aesthetics and bionics, among other things. At the center is the normally inaudible and until now largely unknown acoustic micro cosmos of animal noises and natural sounds - The exhibition runs until January 10th, 2010 ⁄⁄ more

Osvaldo Romberg: "Theater of Transparency" :: "Theater of Transparency" is the title of an installation by the Argentinean artist Osvaldo Romberg. At the centre of the work are his videos the protagonists of which are puppets. Born in Buenos Aires the painter, media and concept artist Osvaldo Romberg lives and works in New York, Philadelphia and Isla Grande, Brazil. He has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout the world. His work "Mikve at Masada" could be recently viewed as part of the exhibition "Medium Religion" - The exhibition runs until August 23rd, 2009 ⁄⁄ more

RECORD > AGAIN! - 40yearsvideoart.de - Part 2 :: RECORD > AGAIN! - 40yearsvideoart.de - Part 2 concentrates on early German video art and shows numerous discoveries, which, for the most part, have no longer been available for viewing for decades. Many of these videos had to first undergo elaborate restoration in the ZKM laboratory for antiquated video systems in order that they could be played at all. Included are major reconstructions, such as the installation »Schafe« by Wolf Kahlen from 1975, shown on six black and white televisions; a rare work by Ulrike Rosenbach with her partner at the time, Klaus vom Bruch, the boxing match from 1972 that Joseph Beuys participated in at the documenta 5, and the first video synthesizer collages by Walter Schröder-Limmer - The exhibition runs until September 6th, 2009 ⁄⁄ www.record-again.de

Martin Walde. Hallucigenia :: For several years, Martin Walde has succeeded with an unmistakable innovative praxis to involve exhibition viewers in his dynamic installation processes. Martin Walde became internationally recognized first and foremost through his participation in Catherine David's "documenta X" (1997). His works advanced the concept of sculpture at the cutting edge of material research. The concept of viewing sculpture as a performance in space has meanwhile asserted itself in numerous works - The exhibition runs until October 18th, 2009 ⁄⁄ more

Libelli – Paper Objects from Print Media by Gerhild Rother :: Book objects belong to the sought after rarities of the art market and enjoy a legendary aura. Consider the role of the book in novels which have as their theme conspiracy, for example, "The Name of the Rose" (1982). Thus, the book has long-since been recognized as an artistic medium. Gerhild Rother has succeeded in elaborating a new variant of this medium by specifically focusing on the multiple attributes of the carrying medium of paper from which books are produced - The exhibition runs until August 30th, 2009 ⁄⁄ more

Habitable Libraries :: "Building for Architects" was the thematic title of the semester for 40 students of architecture at the ETH Zurich held in August 2008. The soon-to-be architects were required to complete designs and three-dimensional models especially adapted to the habits and manner of working either of the philosopher and cultural theorist Peter Sloterdijk, or the artist and media theorist Peter Weibel. Together with the two "architects," each of the latter's standards and requirements with respect to the buildings were elaborated - The exhibition runs until August 30th, 2009 ⁄⁄ more

Collectors' Choice II :: Supplemental to the first part of the exhibition "Collectors' Choice," which is already showing works from the Boros, Grässlin, and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg collections on the third floor of the Museum, beginning in August, presented on the second floor will be works from the FER, VAF, and Weishaupt collections; thus all collections that work in cooperation with the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art will be represented with numerous works - The exhibition runs until October 18th, 2009 ⁄⁄ more


YOU_ser 2.0: Celebration of the Consumer :: YOU_ser 2.0 is a further development of the successful exhibition YOU_ser: The Century of the Consumer, which has been on display at the ZKM Media Museum since October 2007. As »exhibition in progress,« parts of the exhibition have been changed, exhibits loaned, and new works added on a regular basis since the start. The new works that have now been added should intensify the transmission of the participatory revolution set off by web 2.0 and second life into the exhibition context - The exhibition runs until August 30th, 2009 ⁄⁄ www.zkm.de/you

ZKM_PanoramaLab :: A focus of the research and production activities of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media is the development of innovative hardware and software solutions for artistic projects. Due to the great interest and approval these presentations have met with, now a permanent forum for the PanoramaTechnology will be established at ZKM: the ZKM_PanoramaLab. As of May 1st, 2009, this window on the work of the institute will not only enable the presentation of artistic and research projects on a regular basis, but will also serve as development environment for new projects. Its opening will be marked by the premiere of the interactive installation "CloudBrowsing" - Permanent Exhibition ⁄⁄ more

Extended. Collection Landesbank Baden-Württemberg :: The Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) has been a partner of the ZKM | Karlsruhe for many years. As an expansion of this partnership, the Collection Landesbank Baden-Württemberg has, additionally, collaborated with the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art since 2005. In the context of this cooperation, the collection will be honored in 2009 with a major exhibition on the ground floor of the museum. Major sections of the Collection Landesbank Baden-Württemberg are being made available to the public in a museum show for the first time since the last, large-scale presentation "Zoom" ten years ago - The exhibition runs until October 18th, 2009 ⁄⁄ www.zkm.de/extended

World of Games: reloaded :: This Exhibition is an extension of the previous presentation of video and computer game 'classics' of recent years, which from now on is to be updated at regular intervals - Permanent Exhibition ⁄⁄ more

rosalie: HYPERION_Fragment :: With HYPERION_Fragment, another of rosalie's works is to be presented at the ZKM. The work was created as a collaborative project between the Stuttgart artist and the composer, Georg Friedrich Hass, on the occasion of the Donaueschingen Music Festival, in 2006. With its presentation at the ZKM_Foyer, it has now attained a new dimension but, at the same time, a new level of meaning as a unique example of light sculpture - Permanent Exhibition ⁄⁄ more

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