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Events 07 | 2009

Wed, 2009/07/15
Aenne Burda – Eine Frau erobert die Welt
(Aenne Burda – One Woman Conquers the World)

A Film by Dora Heinze
Film preview at the ZKM_Media Theater, 7 p.m.
admission free

Information auf Deutsch

This 45 minute SWR documentary film is a portrait of Aenne Burda, the female figurehead of the German economic miracle. The former housewife became world famous with her idea for a journal – wearable fashion for the average woman that could be self-made. Karl Lagerfeld, her daughter-in-law, Maria Furtwängler, her youngest son Hubert Burda, her colleagues as well as the former premier of Baden Württemberg Lothar Späth discuss the difficulties, the successes of the family business and the extraordinary personality of Aenne Burda.
Among others, the film was shot by the author Dora Heinze in Russia and Brazil. It is now possible to view previously unpublished archival footage.

The documentary will be broadcasted on SWR television July 23rd
at 11 p.m.


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