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Events 07 | 2009

Sat, 2009/07/11
DJ Night at the ZKM

Kaiserslauterer DJs as guests at the ZKM_Media Theater,
9 p.m.– 5 a.m., € 5 (box office tickets only)
An event in cooperation with the Department of Culture of the City of Kaiserslautern

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The Department of culture of the City of Kaiserslautern created a special lounge for DJs from the city already in the eighth year since its founding. On the 11 July, the DJs of Kaiserslauterer Lounge will be going on tour together: to Karlsruhe, to the ZKM. The occasion for the special project was the great demand for DJs searching for performance possibilities. From Dark Wave through to Russian and Finnish ambience, Boogaloo or Meditations combined with recited poems, live performances and the design of visuals, there resulted an extraordinary program mix, which created a new culture of acceptance and coexistence. At the ZKM, nine sound technicians will provide something for all tastes: from electronic music, Groovy Breakbeat and the “Power of Soul” of the 1960s, through to Underground Hip Hop and a spherical sound carpet towards the end of the evening.

Multimedia installations by students of the subject “Virtual Design” at the Kaiserslautern polytechnic are also part of the program. The spectrum of the works ranges from visualizations of music and movement, visual and acoustic compositions through to digital painting.

With Dj Christian Schmeiser, Novalis’ Magic Mirror,
D&H Musics, AufbauEnde-Maskenball, DJ Condoleeza,
DJ Grooveshaker, DJ Carrera, DJ NST a.k.a. DJ Nordstern,
DJ Tinnitus B.


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