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Matthias Fritsch :: Parallaxe [2008]

Taking the depiction of landscape as its starting point, the installation »Parallaxe« reflects the longing for the idyllic experience of nature in a technology-based world.
Entering the PanoramaScreen of the Institute for Visual Media, the visitors are surrounded by 360°-video films showing apparently pristine landscapes, such as the view of a lake enclosed by trees. The installation comprises a series of four videos, each shown in a loop.
The views, shot from a fixed point of view, resemble documentary photographs in motion. However, having regarded these natural spaces for some time, irritation sets in and the panoramic views reveal their artificiality to the viewer: it becomes obvious that parts of the surrounding image are repeated, that it is a montage of mirrored sections assembled to form a seemingly correct, realistic entity. By subtly manipulating the original audio-visual material, using repetition and inversion, the work discusses the topos of the perception of nature and nature’s depiction, its construction through media and its symbolic transformation: the longing to experience the ideal, untouched beauty of nature is substituted by the experience of an accessible, technically constructed image respectively imaginary space.

Type of Work
Video installation for PanoramaScreen

Concept and realization: Matthias Fritsch
Video: Matthias Fritsch
Sound: B. Oswald and Matthias Fritsch
Production: Matthias Fritsch and ZKM | Institute for Visual Media
Production ZKM | Institute for Visual Media: Bernd Lintermann, Manfred Hauffen, Petra Kaiser, Silke Sutter, Joachim Tesch, Nikolaus Völzow, Arne Graesser

The PanoramaScreen is based on Jeffrey Shaw’s interactive panoramic cinema research.
The PanoramaScreen was jointly developed by the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, Karlsruhe [D] and the UNSW iCinema Research Centre, Sydney [AUS].
Screen manufacturing: Huib Nelissen Decor en Constructiewerken, Haarlem [NL]

Panorama Display Software:
Concept and development: Bernd Lintermann, ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

The PanoramaTechnology was realized in the framework of the research association »Information at your fingertips - Interactive Visualization for Gigapixel Displays« funded through the Information Technology Funding Program of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg [BW-FIT].

PanoramaScreen II [with 6 projectors and 8-channel sound]
seating for audience [variable]

Panorama Display Software

Dimensions/ Duration
PanoramaScreen II: ø 8.00m, h 2.80m
4 video films [each shown as loop, duration variable]

· Institute for Visual Media

Presentations [selected]

»produced@PanoramaScreen: Matthias Fritsch: 'Parallaxe' [2008]«, ZKM_Media Theater, 04/03-25/2009

»eLandscapes«, eArts Festival, Shanghai [CN], 10/18-11/10/2008


Matthias Fritsch: »Parallaxe« [2008]
Installation view ZKM | Media Theater 2009
Photo: Felix Gross
© Matthias Fritsch

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