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ZKM mobile tagging

In 2009, ZKM will celebrate its founding as a foundation and institution twenty years ago. In this anniversary year, the ZKM will present several technical innovations in museum mediation to satisfy its claim of staying at the forefront of research.

The first improvement can be seen here: the QR code (quick response code), a two—dimensional barcode. This QR code is the visual depiction of coded text, pictures, and sounds. Accordingly, in QR code a tag (key word) is encoded that is either the information itself, or is linked to the information and relays it. If your cell phone photographs this code, and you have the appropriate software for decoding, you see texts or images, or hear sounds. QR code allows you, with your cell phone, to go beyond the spatial and temporal borders of the medium paper and the medium museum.

With this new tag solution, you can communicate with the museum and use it as a platform also outside of opening hours, i.e., not bound to a certain time, and without being physically present in the museum, i.e., not bound to a certain place.

A modern cell phone with built-in camera and software for decoding the QR code is necessary to access the tag. A barcode reader is required, which is available for most cell phones that have Java or Symbian. The ZKM application is web-based and requires an HTML browser on the phone. Data connections made with the cell phone may involve costs from the cell phone provider.

iPhone users: please go to the app-store and search for "Barcode" or "2D"

No barcode reader on your cell phone? Please check www.tagmotion.de/category/tag-reader/


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