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Events 02 | 2009

Sat, 2009/02/07
Far Right: Far-Right Extremism in Europe Today

Film evening by ARTE and ZAK in the context of the 13th Karlsruher Gespräche
at the ZKM_Media Theater, 8 p.m.
Free admission

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There are far-right actors in almost all European societies, and in recent years they have become increasingly internationally networked. The film evening organized by the ZAK | Center for Cultural and General Studies at the Universität Karlsruhe (TH) in cooperation with the ZKM | Karlsruhe and the television station ARTE will take up and discuss this explosive theme. Winner of the 2005 Zürcher Filmpreis, the documentary film "White Terror", for example, explores the rapid global distribution of far-right ideology through the Internet. The documentary “Die Populisten-Maschine” also focuses on the use of new media as a means of propaganda.  The short film “Leroy räumt auf”, on the other hand, is about a young Afro-German man in Berlin. The documentary “Bernau liegt am Meer” shows the fascination that the far right has for the youth. The short film “Mehmet” illuminates the theme in a humorous and ironic way: at the center is the Turkish dog Mehmet who lives with German skinheads.

Film evening programm

8 p.m.
White Terror

Documentary by Daniel Schweizer, ARTE/SSR 2005, 87 min

9.30 p.m.
Conversation with Daniel Schweizer

10.15 p.m.
Die Populisten-Maschine

Documentary by Jean-Pierre Krief, ARTE France/KS Visions 2007, 52 min
Leroy räumt auf
Short film by Armin Völckers, Germany 2005, 19 min

11.30 p.m. Midnight snack

12 midnight

Short film by Philipp Fleischmann, ARTE/SWR 2001, 6 min
Bernau liegt am Meer
Documentary by Martina Döcker, ARTE/ZDF 2003, 88 min

An event by ARTE and the ZAK | Zentrum für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft und Studium Generale.
With kind support of the Stadt Karlsruhe and the Sparda-Bank.


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