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Valerio Sannicandro: Ius Lucis
Concert for two ensembles and electronics

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Ius Lucis (2006/2007) is a work conceived for two instrumental ensembles playing in two different cable-connected concert halls. Each ensemble is used in a different way for a real time transformation of the other. In each "perspective", the degree of interaction creates extremely diverse sound-synthesis combinations. To achieve this, the work must be performed twice; once in each ensemble/space. Following the intermission, the audience, which has been divided into two groups, one for each room, switch concert halls and listen to the second part. The two parts are complementary as several musical elements and situations interact and overlap.

The work is shaped essentially as a palindrome (mirror-like); the middle section "des schattens lob" is the center of its symmetry, a turning-point after which ensemble 2 reiterates the music played by ensemble 1: with consistent changes and in the opposite direction. This moment simultaneously marks the beginning of a temporal and metric "de- phasing" between the two instrumental groups.

Written specifically for the concert halls at Centre Georges Pompidou (grande salle) and IRCAM (espace de projection), this work is deeply immersed in the idea of architectonic space. First of all, the construction of ensemble 1 (stereophonic) and ensemble 2 (musicians placed around the audience) allow for "orchestrated" spatialisation. Second, sound movements realized by electronics (loudspeakers) are strictly connected with music (accents, envelopes, articulations are "translated" into spatialisation combinations) and even with instrumental directivity of the clarinet (producing a timbre variation when moving). Several exchanges of sound movements between the concert halls that represent an extended form of counterpoint are enhancements of these processes. Finally, the exploration of spatial acoustics (analysis of resonance modes) used in the composition structure serves as a true harmonic and rhythmic "gestalt".

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