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Exhibitions 12|2008

Dec 17th, 2008–Jan 11th, 2009
At Eye Level

An exhibition with works by Kathrin Halle-Kaiser and Andree Kaiser at the ZKM_Music Balcony

Exhibition: Dec 17th, 2008–Jan 11th, 2009
Opening: Wed, Dec 17th, 11am

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Cool, dreamy, self-confident, shy, aggressive, vulnerable, open, inquisitive, withdrawn, precocious, bold or nice. Every child is different, by character, birth, parentage or education. But what does childhood mean today? What values does an eight year old have, what does a nine year old dream about, what make up his fears and anxieties? What preoccupies children who grow up with mobile phones, Gameboys and the internet? Commissioned by the Kinderland Foundation, the artist, Kathrin Haller-Kaiser and the photographer, Andree Kaiser questioned and portrayed 300 hundred children between the ages of eight and ten years throughout Baden-Wuerttemberg for period lasting over months. They provided information about their life-worlds, dreams and hopes. As part of their tour through Baden-Wuerttemberg, their exhibition will be hosted by the ZKM. A catalogue with all their portraits has been published.

For further information see www.stiftung-kinderland.de, www.ausstellung-augenhoehe.de

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