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Events 12 | 2008

Wed, December 10, 2008
beyond vision
The Invisible becomes Audible

Premiere showing in the ZKM_Media Theater
at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., admission € 20/15

Information auf Deutsch

“beyond vision” is an innovative concert adventure comprising music and film, in which the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra is integrated into a video installation. Four music groups (two quartets, two quintets) are positioned around screens on which are shown details from a person’s biography. The music mediates insights and emotions relating to the biographical details. In this way, the orchestra closes the black gaps between the screens. Music and image are rearranged in the mind of the listeners/viewers much like the various parts of a puzzle in which an extraordinary experience of art then emerges. The public undergoes and experiences that which lies beyond their particular field of vision – beyond vision.

Composition: Steffen Wick
Conception: Simon Detel

Stuttgarter Chamber orchestra
Director: Michael Hofstetter

For further information see: www.beyondvision-konzert.de


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