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Events 11 | 2008

November 05, 2008–March 15, 2009
Oliver Sturm "Prayeromat", 2008

As part of the ARD Radio Play Convention
Installation at the ZKM_Foyer

Program Radio Play Convention
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The “Prayeromat” represents the smallest form of spiritual space. Designed for train stations, airports, service areas and various other public places, it offers useful opportunity for inner contemplation. The visitor is given the possibility to listen to the prayers of the main world religions as well as other religious groups, and is at liberty to use the booths as a sanctuary for private prayer, but also as an acoustic space.

Design: Till Exit.
Programming: Till Beckmann.

Produced in collaboration with ausland and the Sophiensaele Berlin, as well as the ARD Radio Play Convention and the ZKM | Center for Art and Media. Sponsored by the Capital City Cultural Funds.



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