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Events 08 | 2008

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Works for PanoramaScreen
of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media
An exhibition at the ZKM_Media Theater, admission free

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The ZKM | Institute for Visual Media presents two guest artists’
projects and thereby continues the idea of its most recent production

Robert Darroll, Sean Reed: "Oracle" (2005–07)
With their work "Orakel," media artist Robert Darroll and composer Sean Reed subject the construction of (subjective) reality to scrutiny. By means of a touchscreen visitors may consult an ‘Oracle’. Here, the work draws on randomly guided forms of ritual search for meaning and, as analogy, uses a databank with various animated films and soundfiles, from which various sequences of answers are compiled according to aleatoric principles. Thus, with each interview there results a new mosaic of questions and answers.

Christian Ziegler: "rickshaw bangalore" (2006–08)
With "rickshaw bangalore," the media artist Christian Ziegler further pursues his series of interactive films. The theme of the work "rickshaw bangalore" is the sounding out of the temporal dimension of place and the experience of time: a video-tracking system enables the visitors to navigate through video material as if in a time-radar and, in single pictures taken from the flow of pictures moving by, submerge themselves in the constantly changing Indian city Bangalore.

The production of both installations was promoted by the Förderprogramm Informationstechnik des Landes Baden-Württemberg (BW-FIT) within the framework of the research federation "Information at your fingertips – Interaktive Visualisierung für Gigapixel Displays."

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