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Bernd Lintermann :: »MTK [Mapping Toolkit]« [2001-03]

»MTK« is a software devised for the realization of interactive installations and performances that especially supports real-time applications.
The basic architecture of the software can be extended by adding plug-ins as needed so as to facilitate utilization for different fields of application.
The underlying concept for the generation and programming of 3D graphics enables the adaptation of the software's features to the rapidly developing commercial hardware technology.

At the Institute for Visual Media, the following projects were realized using »MTK«:

· Michael Bielicky, Bernd Lintermann, Torsten Belschner: »Room with a View« [2000]
· Michael Hoch: »Responsive Body Tracking« [2000]
· M. Gleich, J. Shaw, B. Lintermann, T. Belschner, L. Wallen, M. Wolff-Plotteg: »Web of Life« [2002]
· André Werner: »Marlowe: Der Jude von Malta« [2002]
· Nik Haffner, Thomas McManus, Bernd Lintermann: »TimeLapses« [2000-2003]
· D. Del Favero, N. Brown, J. Shaw, P. Weibel: »T_Visionarium 1« [2004]
· Jeffrey Shaw, Bernd Lintermann: »Cupola« [2004]
· Preview system of the Institute's - > PanoramaCamera«

Development: Bernd Lintermann
Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media


»MTK [Mapping Toolkit]« [1999-2003] / software
screenshot / © Bernd Lintermann

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