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Susan Norrie: Defile [2001]

»Defile« explores invasive and unsettling possibilities within the interactive process. Focusing on malevolent tendencies within human endeavour, a circuit of images has been constructed that identifies recent environmental catastrophes and their impact upon contemporary existence. These images are presented in a visual manner in which the horrible and abject are tempered by beauty and sublimity.
»Defile« is a film loop with ambient sound and within this montage of associations the viewer becomes the »editor«, able to combine or layer particular images. The intention is more dimensional than an unfolding linear narrative. As the titles implies, the focus is contamination... but it is also about bureaucratic mismanagement and the shortfalls within scientific research. Ultimately, it is about the consequences, responsibilities and challenges that we face in the 21st century.
- Susan Norrie -

Type of Work
Interactive work on DVD-ROM

published in: »(dis)LOCATIONS«, ZKM digital arts edition, 2001.

Concept and realization: Susan Norrie
Cinematography: Susan Norrie, Reva Childs
Sound design/ programming: Greg White
Special thanks to Greenpeace Australia

Co-production Susan Norrie and ZKM | Institute for Visual Media Karlsruhe; iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, University of New South Wales

published in: (dis)LOCATIONS, ZKM digital arts edition, 2001.

Institute for Visual Media


Susan Norrie: »Defile« [2001] / film still
© Susan Norrie

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