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Exhibitions 05|2008

May 10th–Oct 19th, 2008
MAGNET. Thorbjørn Lausten's Visual Systems

ZKM_Museum Balcony
Exhibition: May 10–Oct 19th, 2008
Opening: Fri, May 9, 2008 at 7pm
on the ZKM_Museum Balcony

Information auf deutsch

Visual arts have always endeavored to make the invisible visible. The Danish light and media artist Thorbjørn Lausten has been devoted for several years to the visualization of scientific data in the context of art, science, and media. In his current project "MAGNET," he works together with the University of Tromsø and the Danish Meteorological Institute. These institutions allow him direct, real-time access to geomagnetic and meteorological readings. Lausten processes these data artistically and makes them visible by means of projections that present a type of interface between the original energy and the information gained from it. The various data sources as well as their algorithmic changes provide a wide range of visual variations.

Lausten's illustrations of digital readings become concrete "color films," that were presented interactively at three exhibition sites simultaneously from March 14th–May 25th, 2008. In addition to the show at ZKM which has been extended until Oct 19th, 2008, the data can be followed online via www.meteomag.dk

Curator: Andreas F. Beitin

A catalogue has been published: Morten Søndergaard and Peter Weibel (eds.) "MAGNET", 160 pages, 100 illustrations, with texts by Hartmut Böhme, Thorbjørn Lausten, Peter Lunenfeld, Morten Søndergaard, Frederik Stjernfield, and Peter Weibel. [→ Info]
Also appeared a DVD (engl, germ., dan., 80 min.) that documents the different visualizations


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