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(dis)LOCATIONS [2001]

The »(dis)LOCATIONS« DVD-ROM, published as part of the ZKM digital arts edition presents new works by Australian and European artists. Varied in form and subject matter, the individual works by Dennis Del Favero, Agnes Hegedues, Ian Howard, Susan Norrie, Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel address the specific challenges of interactive narrative conception and design.
Essays by authors including Jill Bennett, Lev Manovich and Peter Weibel in the accompanying book comment upon the featured works and analyze theoretical aspects of interactive cinema and digital communications media.

Dennis Del Favero: »Pentimento« [2001]
Agnes Hegedüs: »Their Things Spoken« [2001]
Ian Howard: »SweetStalking« [2001]
Susan Norrie: »Defile« [2001]
Jeffrey Shaw: »Place-Urbanity« [2001]
Peter Weibel: »The Panoptic Society or Immortally in Love with Death« [2001]

Type of publication
DVD-ROM publication with accompanying book

ZKM | Institute for Visual Media


Eds. ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karslruhe and Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney [AUS]

Co-produced by: Cinemedia, Melbourne, with the assitance of Cinemedia Digital Media Fund, the Australian Center for the Moving Image und der University of Western Sydney

published as part of: ZKM digital arts edition

Stuttgart: Cantz Verlag, 2001.

ISBN 3-7757-1087-6

DVD-ROM [Mac/Windows, english]
with interactive works by Dennis Del Favero, Agnes Hegedüs, Ian Howard, Susan Norrie, Jeffrey Shaw und Peter Weibel
and and accompanying book [112 pp./ english]
with texts by Jill Bennett, James Donald, Ursula Frohne, Charles Green, Lev Manovich, Anna Munster, and Peter Weibel.

Concept: Dennis del Favero und Jeffey Shaw
Editor: Astrid Sommer
DVD-ROM prodcution and design: Skaye Daley, Volker Kuchelmeister, Daniel Wright
Packaging and Book design, title logo: Holger Jost
Copy editing: Thomas Morrision
DVD-ROM titles design concept: Skye Dayle, Daniel Wright
Production assistance: Jan Gerigk, Nicole Sedlaczek, Cosima Striepe, Gabriele Oesterle
Produced at the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, 2001.


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