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Agnes Hegedüs:: Their Things Spoken [2001]

»Their Things Spoken« is the third part of a trilogy of works by Agnes Hegedüs, which deals with different aspects of memory and visual archetypes in our culture, the first two being »Memory Theater VR« [1997] and »Things Spoken« [1999].

»The contributors to this archive are museum visitors who responded to my invitation to bring their favorite objects with them and tell a story about its personal significance. These objects were digitized, the stories recorded, and photos were taken of each person holding their object. In the interactive artwork these elements together become an image, sound, and text archive, which are respectively presented on the screen within three interrelated windows. The user can choose one or other of these elements to navigate through and across the entries and in this way explore an emergent matrix of collective memories.«
- Agnes Hegedüs -

Type of Work
Interactive work on DVD-ROM

published in: »(dis)LOCATIONS«, ZKM digital arts edition, 2001.

Concept and realization: Agnes Hegedüs
Programming and interface design: Volker Kuchelmeister
Translations: Agnes Hegedüs, Bernhard Serexhe, Birgit Eissner, Manuela Abel, Thomas Morrison, Paolo-Ferrera Lopez
Voice recordings English and German: Agnes Hegedüs
Voice recordings French: Bernhard Serexhe

Special thanks to those 255 visitors to ZKM's »surrogate« exhibition [1998], who generously participated in this work.

Co-production Agnes Hegedüs; ZKM | Institute for Visual Media; iCINEMA Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, University of New South Wales [AUS].

· Institute for Visual Media


image: »screenshot«
© Agnes Hegedüs

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