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Forced Entertainment & Hugo Glendinning :: Frozen Palaces (Chapter One) [1996-98]

»Frozen Palaces« arose out of an interest in investigating the interactions between performance, locations, and photography. Rather than constructing a narrative, the works give the viewer clues and images from which to imagine her own stories. »Frozen Palaces« features scenes staged for the camera on every floor of a vast deserted Georgian townhouse. The photographs were rendered as navigable panoramas offering frozen glimpses of complex events: love affairs, murders, ghostly levitations, parties and even drunken hallucinations. In every room time has stopped still; the scene is halted at some significant or banal moment, its protagonists frozen in time, with the viewer alone free to explore and investigate.

Type of Work
Interactive work on CD-ROM
published in artintact 5 [1999]

· Conception and realization: Forced Entertainment [Tim Etchells, Robin Arthur, Richard Lowdon, Claire Marshall, Cathy Naden, Terry O'Connor] and Hugo Glendinning
· Performers: Robin Arthur, Nicky Childs, Mark Etchells, Tim Etchells, Tim Hall, Richard Lowdon, Claire Marshall, Cathy Naden, Terry O'Connor, Cathy Phillips, Justin Westover, James White, Tony White
Photography: Hugo Glendinning, assisted by Justin Westover
· Art direction: Richard Lowdon
· Sound: John Avery
· Digital authoring: Mary Agnes Krell, Todd Reidy
· Production: Forced Entertainment
· Supported by the Arts Council of England, Yorkshire [UK], the Humberside Arts Board, Yorkshire Media Production Agency [UK], and the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media
· Produced for artintact 5 [1999]

Macromedia Director
Apple QuickTime VR

· Institute for Visual Media

Presentations [selected]
»surroGate«, ZKM | Karslruhe [D] - 11/01/ - 12/06/1998


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