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Events 04 | 2008

Wed, April 30, 2008
Sets by Both
Phill Niblock and Thomas Ankersmit

Concert in the ZKM_Cube, 8 p.m., admission € 10/ 7

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The New York multimedia artist, Phill Niblock, has been active in the fields of music, film, photography, video and computers since the 1960s. As a contemporary of John Cage and La Monte Young, he belongs to the leading representatives of American Minimal Art and has previously worked with musicians from the avante-rock scene such as Jim O’Rourke, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) or Susan Stenger (Band Of Susans).

His music consists of dense, static and often very loud sound surfaces ("drones") of extended duration. They are composed of closely set tones. During performances these then expand through combinations of dominant spatial acoustics and the live playing of the instrumentalists into complex, perpetually changing spectrums of sound, resulting in entire clouds of high-frequency harmonies. The films shown with the music portray human work in its original, elementary form: they show people at work sowing, harvesting or fishing. Niblock will be forming the evening together with the saxophonist Thomas Ankersmit.

Electronics, Video: Phill Niblock
Electronics, Saxophone: Thomas Ankersmit

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