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Yasuaki Matsumoto :: Gravity and Grace [1995]

The observer is confronted with the dark surface of a half-mirrored glass on which blinking red LED lights and the observerís own image is reflected. Within a short time, blue shafts of light begin to radiate from around the observerís image on the glass like an aura. With the help of a camera motion-capture system, these beams follow the movement of the observerís body, albeit with a slight lag. In this way the reflection of the body is mixed with digital imagery. Observers may be enticed to collaborative play with their own enhanced reflection and the aura that suggests an animate force or power.

Type of Work
Interactive installation

· Concept and realization: Yasuaki Matsumoato in collaboration with Masayuki Towata
· Application software: Hisakazu Igarashi and Adolf Mathias · Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Dedicated to the victims of the Great Earthquake of Kobe/Hanshin, January 17, 1995

Silicon Graphics Indigo 2
Pentium PC
back projection screen [400 x 300cm]
video projector
50 % reflecting mirror [200 x 300cm]
LED board [300 x 400cm]
video camera
2 speakers

custom software for position tracking
custom software in C for interaction

· Institute for Visual Media

Presentations [selected]
»Multimediale 4«, Karlsruhe [D], 1995


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