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Events 02|2008

Sat-Sun 16-17 February 2008
My Europe - Your Europe:
Inside views from non-Europeans

Events as part of the 12th Karlsruhe Dialogues

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What impression does Europe make on people from different cultural backgrounds? This question is at the center of this year’s film night organized collaboratively by the ZKM, the ZAK | Center for Cultural and General Studies and Studium Generale of the Universität Karlsruhe (TH) as well as the television station ARTE. The film night takes place in the context of the 12th Karlsruhe Dialogues under the motto »My Europe – Your Europe: Inside views from non-Europeans.« Speaking at the congress headed by Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha will be representatives from science and culture, politics, and the economy who do not come from Europe, but nonetheless center their lives here. Both documentary and feature films will be shown on the film night. The spectrum ranges from serious and contemplative themes through to amusing and ironic aspects. The subjects of the films are thus the visions that immigrants have of Europe, and the problems of asylum seekers and undocumented foreigners living in Europe. The finale will be a feature film that approaches the problem of integration with a spark of humor.


Sat 16 February 2008
Film night by ZAK and ARTE
ZKM_Cube, free admission

8 pm Anansi
feature film by Fritz Baumann, ARTE/BR 2002, 76 min
9:30 pm Mit 17 im fremden Land
documentary by Didier Cros, ARTE France 2005, 56 min
10:45 pm Invisible. Illegal in Europa
documentary by Andreas Voigt, ARTE/NDR 2004, 88 min
12:15 am Midnight snack
12:45 am Salut Cousin!
feature film by Merzak Allouache, ARTE France 1996, 98 min

Sun 17 February 2008
»La Silhouette«: Film presentation and exhibition with
Gao Xingjian

ZKM_Cube, 5 pm, free admission
The Chinese-French literature Nobel prize winner, dramatist, director, and artist Gao Xingjian will introduce himself and present his film La Silhouette sinon l'ombre, 2006. Gao's creation centers on the battle for identity and human veracity. There is an exhibition of his works on the ZKM_Music balcony.

Additional information: www.zak.uni-karlsruhe.de


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