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SICS [Swedish Institute of Computer Science] :: The Web Planetarium [1998]

The »Web Planetarium« is a spatially dynamic representation of the Internet. The viewer moves through a three-dimensional planetarium: the actual browsing through the virtual space determines the constellation of abstracted Internet pages. Symbols, as for instance a sphere or other geometrical forms, represent the individual sites, while the connections between them are represented as arrows. »The Web Planetarium« presents a conception of individualized storage and transmission of information. Anchored within - > EVE, the visitor is immediately situated at the center of his self-constructed network of knowledge.

Type of Work
Interactive application using - > EVE

· Concept and realization: Mårten Stenius, Lennart Fahlén, Bino, Anders Wallberg, Jonas Söderberg
· Application software: Mårten Stenius, Lennart Fahlén, Anders Wallberg
· Application hardware: Armin Steinke
· Co-production of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media and the SICS [Swedish Institute of Computer Science] in the context of the ESPRIT research project - > eSCAPE

SGI Onyx-2
Pentium PC


· Institute for Visual Media

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