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Simon Penny : Fugitive [1995-97]

»Fugitive« is a single user spatial interactive artwork. The arena for interaction is a dark circular room about 10m in diameter. A video image moves back and forth around the circular wall, tightly coupled to the movement of the user.
»Fugitive« attempted to move beyond a simplistic state-machine model of interactivity in which simple instantaneous location of the user triggers events. »Fugitive« responds to the ongoing behaviour of the user. Users interact in »Fugitive« with no special clothes or headgear, no input devices and no training. »Fugitive« responds to the natural embodied expression and dynamics of human users. It models a more convivial kind of human-computer interaction. Every attempt was made to remove the levels of abstraction and encoding common to most interactive paradigms. »Fugitive« has much in common with situated, embodied and phenomenological critiques of Artificial Intelligence.
- Simon Penny -

Type of Work
Interactive environment

· Concept and realization: Simon Penny
· Application software: André Bernhard and Jamieson Schulte
· Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, supported by the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh [USA]

Silicon Graphics O2, 486er PC with framegrabber card Imagenation CX 100
video projector, circular projection space
18 infrared lights, 18 dimmers
surveillance camera
reflecting hemisphere
motor control system

Software for presentation: MAE2 [Mood Analysis Engine 2
VSE [Video Selector Engine]
custom software [Overhead Fisheye Machine Vision System]

· Institute for Visual Media

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