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Tamás Waliczky :: The Garden (21st Century Amateur Film) [1992]

In 1991 Waliczky wrote the script for »The Garden,« an animation based on an idea, which came from an old piece of Super-8 film, made over ten years before, showing a little girl playing in a country garden. The artist's aim was to portray the alertness and curiosity of a small child investigating its surroundings, and to evoke the particular sense of affection that children often inspire in us. To illustrate these lines of force, Waliczky devised a new type of perspective: The "waterdrop-perspective" structures every object from the vantage point of the child within the space of the image: the objects grow or shrink as the child approaches them or moves away. Thus everything in the space becomes visually distorted; the world is seen as a sphere and the child as its centre.
- Anna Szepesi -

Type of Work
Computer animation

· Concept and animation: Tamás Waliczky
· Storyboard: Tamás Waliczky and Anna Szepesi
· Music: Tibor Szemzö
· Performance: Éva Posvanecz
· Software support: Imre Kováts, Zoltán Császár, Pierre Dinouard, Thomas Krol
· Child: Annamária Waliczky
· Director of photography: György Pálos
· Production: Wallada Bioscop Ltd., Budapest [HU], CIRAD Laboratoire du Modellisation, Montpellier [F], and ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

SGI VGX with VideoLab
486 PC with vision 16 board

AMAP software
custom software

Duration/ Format
4:27 min., color, sound/ on Laserdisk / BetacamSP

»MultiMediale 3,« Karlsruhe [D], 1993

· Institute for Visual Media

Presentations [selected]
»MultiMediale 3,« Karlsruhe [D]

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Image: »screenshot« / © Tamàs Waliczky

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