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:::::: ZKM EVENTS :::

Chinese escape routes. On painting and political control in the middle realm :: is the title of a lecture by Tilman Spengler who has approached the theme of »Chinese perspectives« in several narratives and two novels. In the course of the accompanying program for the exhibition Neue Asiatische Kunst. Thermocline of Art he will read several passages and attempt to explain the connections. The author is a sinologist. He studied in Heidelberg, Munich, Taipei, and Kyoto. At the center of his reading is the issue of how politics and art mutually influence one another.
[Lecture and reading at ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art | Sun, Nov 4th, 2007, 4pm | Entrance fee EUR 5/3 | Museum open until 7pm]

ARD Radio Play Days :: After last year’s successful ARD Radio Play Festival, this year again, from 7–11 November, the atmosphere at ZKM | Karlsruhe and in the atrium of the adjacent HfG | Karlsruhe will be defined by dialogue and music, sounds and noises. Radio arts of all kinds will be offered on the five festival days; from narrative pieces to children's plays, literary delicacies to ambitious, challenging and experimental works [more]
[ARD Radio Play Days at ZKM and HfG | November 7th-11th, 2007]

Robert Darroll, Sean Reed: »Oracle« :: The interactive work »Oracle« investigates the mechanisms and patterns of the generation of meaning and of subjective concepts of reality as they are influenced both by the logic of current digital media and by deeply rooted 'irrational' cultural rituals [more]
[»Oracle« | HfG Cube | November 9th-November 18th, 2007]

ARD Children's Radio Play Day :: A festival for the entire family. A whole selection of radio plays from ARD and Deutschlandradio, in addition to live acts with the best of the ARD children’s radio program: Bärenbude, Zappelduster, and Ohrenbär. Children can also participate in and experiment with sound drifts, drumming fun, and word finds [more]
[ARD Children's Radio Play Day at ZKM and HfG | November 11, 2007]


YOU_ser: The Century of the Consumer :: This exhibition invites the visitor to become an integral part of the art works. For the works shown here constitute themselves only in the act of reception by the viewer and include in their conception his active participation in the process of creation. Artists [among others]: Giselle Beiguelman, Michal Bielicky, Norman Klein/ Andreas Kratky, Armin Linke, Catalina Ossa/ Enrique Rivera, PIPS:lab, Jill Scott, Susigames, The Orbitants, The SLatelliterates - The exhibition runs until December 31, 2008 ⁄⁄ www.zkm.de/you

Thermocline of Art. New Asian Waves :: The exhibition presents the first comprehensive view of contemporary Asian art production, with more than 100 artists from ca. twenty Asian countries - from Japan to Korea to China, from Southeast Asia to central Asia. Participating artists [among others]: Yee I-Lann [Malaysia], Wang Mai [China], Sheba Chhachhi [India], Yael Bartana [Israel], Makoto Aida [Japan], Almagul Menlibayeva [Kazachstan], Yong-seok Oh [Korea], Vong Phaophanit [Laos]. Curated by Wonil Rhee [Korea] - The exhibition runs until November 4th, 2007 ⁄⁄ www.zkm.de/thermocline

Clio. A short history of art in Euramerica after 1945 :: On the ground floor and the first floor at ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, there will be an overview of the contemporary art revolution in Asia. On the second floor of the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, a selection of works from the ZKM_Collection and the founding collectors of ZKM - The exhibition runs until April 20th, 2008 ⁄⁄ more

The Algorithmic Revoluion and World of Games: reloaded :: Over the past 50 years, algorithmic decision-making processes have come very much to the fore as a result of the universal use of computers in all fields of cultural literacy - from architecture to music, from literature to the fine arts, and from transport to management. The exhibition draws on the ZKM_Collection and selected loans in presenting an historical outline of this radical change in the fine arts, music, design, and architecture - The exhibition runs until January 6th, 2008 ⁄⁄ more

rosalie: Helios :: The artist and set designer rosalie presents a hanging light garden in a new context at the ZKM_Subraum. Sounds from Ludger Brümmer and Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan expand the visuals on an acoustic level ⁄⁄ more

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