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Artists' Interactive CD-ROMagazine

»artintact« is a combined book and CD-ROM package in which the ZKM presents pioneering works of interactive media art. It appeared annually from 1994 to 1999; every issue presented three new works by international media artists. It is a collection of art treasures of a very specific kind: the editions of »artintact« are among the few examples of concepts devised specifically for the CD-ROM medium. Each edition casts a new light on ideas and concepts of the practice of art in view of the variegated, forking paths programmatically offered by the medium. The »artintact« book contains texts on the works by various authors, along with detailed lists of the artists’ works and biographical information.
In 2002, the entire publication series was published on DVD-ROM.

Type of publication
Publication series
[Interactive works on CD-ROM and print publication/ DVD-ROM with accompanying booklet]

· Concept: Jeffrey Shaw
· Editor: Astrid Sommer
· Interface design and programming: Volker Kuchelmeister a.o.
· Book design: Holger Jost
· Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, 1994-1999/2002
· Publisher: Cantz/ Hatje Cantz Publishers


Issues ::
artintact 1 | artintact 2 | artintact 3| artintact 4 | artintact 5 | the complete artintact

artintact 1

CD-ROM and book, 109 pp., English/German

Ed. ZKM | Karlsruhe
Stuttgart: Cantz, 1994 [2nd edition: 1997].

CD-ROM with works by:
Jean-Louis Boissier: »Flora petrinsularis« [1993/94]
Eric Lanz: »Manuskript« [1994]
Bill Seaman: The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers« [1991/94]

Book with texts by Dieter Daniels, Jean-Louis Boissier, and Anne-Marie Duguet.


artintact 2

CD-ROM and book, 114 pp., English/German

Ed. ZKM | Karlsruhe
Stuttgart: Cantz, 1995.

CD-ROM with works by:
Luc Courchesne: »Portrait One« [1990/95]
Miroslav Rogala : → »Lovers Leap« [1995]
Tamás Waliczky: »Der Wald« [1993/95]

Book with texts by Christoph Blase, Timothy Druckrey, Jean Gagnon, and Anna Szepesi.


artintact 3

CD-ROM and book, 124 pp., English/German

Ed. ZKM | Karlsruhe
Stuttgart: Cantz, 1996.

CD-ROM with works by:
Ken Feingold: »JCJ-Junkman« [1995]
Perry Hoberman: »The Sub-Division of the Electric Light« [1996]
George Legrady : »Slippery Traces« [1996]

Book with texts by Annika Blunck, Erkki Huhtamo, George Legrady, Peter Lunnenfeld, Miklós Peternák, Peter Weibel, and Andrea Zapp.


artintact 4

CD-ROM and book, 128 pp., English/German

Ed. ZKM | Karlsruhe Stuttgart: Cantz, 1997.

CD-ROM with works by:
Marina Gržinić, Aina Šmid: »Troubles with Sex, Theory & History« [1997]
Dieter Kiessling: »Continue« [1997]
Anja Wiese: → »trance machine« [1997]

Book with texts by John G. Hanhardt, Marina Gržinić, Kathy Rae Huffman, Barbara Köhler, Carina Plath, Astrid Sommer.


artintact 5

CD-ROM and book, 160 pp., English/German

Ed. ZKM | Karlsruhe Stuttgart: Cantz, 1999.

CD-ROM with works by:
Masaki Fujihata: → »Impalpability« [1998]
Forced Entertainment & Hugo Glendinning: »Frozen Palaces« [1996-98]
Agnes Hegedüs: »Things Spoken« [1998]

Book with texts by Tim Etchells, Masaki Fujihata, Gerhard Johann Lischka, Peggy Phelan, Hans-Peter Schwarz, Tjebbe van Tijen.


The complete artintact 1994-99 [2002]
Artists' Interactive CD-ROMagazine on DVD-ROM
Vols. 1-5, 1994-1999

Ed. ZKM | Karlsruhe
Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz, 2002.

DVD-ROM with accompanying booklet [English, in part multilingual, essays German/English]
Booklet with an essay by Timothy Murray

· Concept: Jeffrey Shaw
· Editor: Astrid Sommer
· Graphics Design: Holger Jost
· DVD-ROM design and production: Volker Kuchelmeister, assisted by Daniel Stern
· Translation: Thomas Morrison, Astrid Sommer
· English proofreading: Thomas Morrison
· Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

In order to guarantee the continued viewing and enjoyment of the »virtual museum« built up by »artintact«, a complete edition of the magazine was published on DVD-ROM in 2002. Alongside all 15 works of art, the package includes all the German and English texts printed in the books that accompanied each issue, as well updated biographies and listings of the works of the participating artists.



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