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Events 07 | 2007

Sun 22 July 07
Composing with physical models
4th Workshop with ACROE, Grenoble
ZKM_Seminar Room in the Mediathek , 10 am –7 pm
limited number of participants, registration requested at: musikzkm.de
€ 100 participation fee

[→ Information auf Deutsch ]

"Genesis" is a software that combines the possibilities of physical models with a simple to operate user interface. With this, it is possible to use the models to generate sound, but also, to visualize the models in animations. Presented in addition to an introduction to "Genesis’" application possibilities will be the software’s new features. The workshop will also introduce the Force Feedback Device with its unique technical possibilities with which the user can interact in real time with the physical models. Also planned is an excursion into the new version of the visual physical modeling software "Mimesis." Organization: Claude Cadoz


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