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*_ The ZKM | Filminstitute, founded in 2003, is oriented on the film departments of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Centre Pompidou, Paris; establishments rich in this tradition. While still a place of reflection, it is, above all, a production site and platform for distribution that is paradigmatically open to the cinematographer: from the artist’s documentary film to the large-format philosophical film. The main focuses are a co-production program offering international directors the chance to realize films in or centered around Karlsruhe, and an independently-produced DVD edition. The ZKM | Filminstitute came about as a collaboration with the State Academy for Design, Karlsruhe (HfG) and thus grants access to the formidable technical infrastructure of both institutions. The Filminstitute’s guests also enrich the course offerings at the Academy through lectures in their area of expertise.

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Head of Institute :: Andrei Ujica

Assistant :: Dagmar Riedl


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