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Events 05|2007

Fri–Sat, May 11–May 12, 2007
between two deaths: the festival
Festival accompanying the exhibition
zwischen zwei toden / between two deaths

Tickets: T. +49-721-8100-1200 / infothekezkm.de

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Webcam: Live-Painting by Barnaby Furnas

Performances, film- and videoscreenings, lectures and concerts with Von Spar, Pluramon feat. Julee Cruise, Burning Star Core, Hecker & Haswell, Thomas Brinkmann, Carbonid Solo and DJ Strobocop (among others)

"between two deaths: the festival" takes a new path for art mediation. The dense program of performances, concerts, film- and videoscreenings, presentations, and discussions creates a space of diverse aesthetic experiences, which reveals the artistic positions in the exhibition as the hub of multilayered contexts.

Music In collaboration with the curators of the exhibition musician and composer Marcus Schmickler has put together a musical program.  Next to his band Pluramon - with singer Julee Cruise, well known from various David Lynch productions -  the line-up will feature DJ Strobocop, Von Spar, Carbonid Solo, Burning Star Core, Hecker & Haswell, and Thomas Brinkmann. 

Performance From the night of May 11 to May 12, the exhibition "zwischen zwei toden / between two deaths" will also be the site of performances specially developed for the festival by participating artists Terence Koh and Brock Enright. Also planned are music performances by the artists Jutta Koether and Rita Ackermann.

Film- and videoprogram On Friday, the ZKM_Cube will be the location for a videoscreening of works by bankleer, Nathalie Djurberg and Ryan Trecartin. Walead Besthy has conceived an extensive filmscreening titled "After the Ends: Another Coldwar Slumber Party", which will be presented on Saturday.

Lectures On Saturday, talks by participating artists will investigate the exhibition project and related themes, followed by a conversation with the curators Ellen Blumenstein and Felix Ensslin.

Program / Friday, May 11, 2007, 7 pm–3 am

7 pm / ZKM_Foyer / exhibition opening
Introduction by the curators Ellen Blumenstein & Felix Ensslin

9 pm / ZKM_Foyer / music
DJ Strobocop, Lounge

10 pm / ZKM_Atrium 8 / performances
Performances: Brock Enright & Terence Koh

11 pm / ZKM_Foyer / music performances
"MALAVAL feat. Koether / Tcherepnin",
Rita Ackermann, Emily Sundblad & Askar Brickman: "montevideo"

12 am / ZKM_Foyer / music
DJ Strobocop

12 am - 3 am / ZKM_Cube / screening
videos by bankleer, Nathalie Djurberg, Ryan Trecartin

program / Saturday, May 12, 2007, 11 am–3am

11 am – 3 pm / ZKM_Cube / screening
"After the Ends: Another Coldwar Slumber Party", a 16-hour filmprogram curated by Walead Beshty: "On the Beach" (Stanley Kramer, 1959), "The World, the Flesh and the Devil" (Ronald MacDougal, 1958), "Panic in Year Zero!" (Ray Milland, 1962), "The Last Man on Earth" (Ubaldo Ragona, 1964), "The War Game" (Peter Watkins, 1965), "The Omega Man" (Boris Sagal, 1971), "Night of the Comet" (Thom Eberhardt, 1984), »The Quiet Earth" (Geoff Murphy, 1985), among others

12 am – 7 pm / ZKM_Lecture Hall / lectures
Lectures by Ulf Aminde, Sue de Beer, Barnaby Furnas, Elín Hansdóttir, Chloe Piene, Adam Putnam, Stephen G. Rhodes, Kirstine Roepstorff, Mark Titchner, Charlie White et al.
Conversation with Ellen Blumenstein & Felix Ensslin

8 pm – 3 am / ZKM_Foyer & ZKM_Media Theater / concerts
Hecker & Haswell, Von Spar, Pluramon feat. Julee Cruise, DJ Lounge Carbonid Solo, Burning Star Core and Thomas Brinkmann

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