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Events 05 | 2007

Thur–Fri May 11–12, 07
museums and the internet
MAI Symposium 2007: Lecture presentations, project reports, workshops
ZKM_Cube, begin 9 a.m.
Further information, detailed program, and tips for registration:
http://www.mai-tagung.de http://on1.zkm.de/zkm/MAI_Tagung

Participation fee € 110, reduced € 60/40, workshops € 20

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ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, in the year of its anniversary celebration, "10 years of ZKM at Hallenbau A," is hosting what is now the sixth MAI symposium, museums and the internet. The MAI symposium focuses thematically on new and innovative developments in the area of Internet-based museum presentations and services. A further focus is on the presentation of current information and reports about museum Internet projects, both nationally and internationally. Goal of the event series is to acquaint participants with WorldWideWeb developments decisive for museums, to give impulses and orientation for individual projects, and to encourage the participation in creating new structures. The symposium defines itself expressly as a discussion, exchange, and contact forum.

Program: Thu 10 May

09:00–09:30 Opening
09:30–11:00 Forum 1: Digital Storytelling in the museum context
11:30–1:00 Forum 2: Art – School – Flash
2:30–4:00 Forum 3: Web 2.0
4:30–5:30 Forum 4: Short Cuts Web 2.0
5:30–6:15 Lecture Norbert Kanter: Museums and the Web 2007. A symposium report from San Francisco

Program: Fri 11 May

09:00–12:00 Forum 5: become mobile – go outside
12:00–1:00 Forum 6: Short Cuts: EU-matters / cultural heritage
Workshop1: Target group: search engine good~being found – Website optimization
Workshop 2: Barrier-free Websites – how to stay free! Editorial work, quality assurance and certification for Web 2.0


Zorah Mari Bauer, Markus Blanchebarbe, Lena Bonsiepen, Brigitte Bornemann-Jeske, Klaus Bulle, Janine Burger, Hans Giessen, Isabell Gronack-Walz, Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Georg Hohmann, Daniel Holweg, Norbert Kanter, Christoph Klütsch, Lütger Landwehr, Lena Maculan, Michael Mangold, Marko Modsching, Dirk Pörschmann, Helma Schröder, Britta Schulze, Susanne Schatral, Susanne Schumacher, Werner Schweibenz, Bernhard Thalheim, Marco Tralles, Axel Vitzthum, Andreas Walz, Peter Weibel, Julie Woletz, and Christine Zißler

Registration required at the training center, Abtei Brauweiler
Tel: +49(0) 22 34 / 98 54-313, -317, Fax: 0 22 34 / 9854-202, Mail: mai-tagung@lvr.de
Further information, detailed program, and tips for registration:
http://www.mai-tagung.de http://on1.zkm.de/zkm/MAI_Tagung



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