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January 2007

Sat 06 January 2007
»Day of the Open Door«
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
And the Municipal Art Gallery Karlsruhe, 10 am–6 pm; admission: free

10-18 Uhr
als Hilbert merkte, dass der Morgen dämmerte
Audiovisuelle Installation von Florian Grond. ZKM_Kubus


Sat.–Sun. 10 am–6 pm
ZKM_Media Theater,
»Cosmos3 -Verklärte Nacht«
Light installation by rosalie

Before the Karlsruhe premier of “Verklärte Nacht” (based on Arnold Schönberg’s composition), the ZKM will show on the “Day of the Open Door” and the following Sunday the spectacular hanging light-garden designed by rosalie. In co-operation with the Schauspiel Staatstheater Stuttgart / Stuttgarter Kammerorchester.


20:00 Uhr
Kubus, Eintritt: 8 / 5 Euro
Konzert zum Abschluss der Ausstellung »totalstadt. beijing case«

Werke von Pei-Yu Shi, Hannes Hölzl und Echo Ho


Wed/Thur/Sat/Sun 10/11/13/14 January 2007
»Cosmos3 –Verklärte Nacht«
ZKM _Media Theater, 8 pm, admission €18/15

Following the sensational success of the artist rosalie’s light installation at the Donauesching Music Festival 2006, the ZKM will now present her latest work, based on Arnold Schönberg’s compositions “Transfigured Night and Pierrot Lunaire”, as the start to the anniversary celebration “10 Years ZKM in Hall A” in co-operation with the Staatstheater Stuttgart.


Thur–Sun 25–28 January 2007
»Flying Circus«
Festival of the Institute for Music and Acoustics for the anniversary celebration of »10 Years ZKM in Hall A«

8 pm, admission € 18/15
With the “Flying Circus” festival, the ZKM | Institute of Music and Acoustics will spectacularly ring in the celebrations for “10 Years ZKM in Hall A”;. Four days of concerts, installations and publication presentations will impressively show what the Institute stands for.


Thurs. 25 January, 8 pm,
ZKM_Cube; admission: € 8/5
»Spectral Viola«

Electro-acoustic works by Giacinto Scelsi, Gerard Grisey, Salvatore Sciarrino, Michael Edwards and Kaija Saariaho and improvisations for viola, viola d’amore and live visualization.
Co-production of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media and for Music and Acoustics.
Viola: Garth Knox; moving images: Brian O’Reilly


Fri. 26 January., 8 pm,
ZKM_Cube; admission: € 8/5

Works for accordion and electronic, including works by Joachim Heintz, Ali Gorji, Charlotte Seither
Accordion: Margit Kern


Sat.–Sun. 27–28 January, 10 am–6 pm,
ZKM_Foyer; admission free
»Thoughts go by air«

Interactive flying sound objects of the artist group "machine cent’red humanz"


Sat. 27 January, 14 pm–4:30 pm,

ZKM_Media Theater; admission free
Interactive Dance-Sound Installation with
live Capoeira by Katja Wahl.


3 pm, ZKM_ Foyer; admission free
Spatial Music for Saxophone


4 pm, ZKM_ Cube; admission free
Computer: Music: Aesthetics. Sound –Technology – Sense
Presentation of Johannes Goebel’s book of the same name.


6 pm, ZKM_ Media Theater; admission: € 8/5
Electro-acoustisc opera
Composition and poetry: Miguel Azguime
Video: Paula Azguime and Perseu Mandillo
Idea and dramaturgy: Paula Azguime and Miguel Azguime
Performers: Miguel Azguime and the Miso Ensemble


8 pm, ZKM_Cube; admission free
Traditional Chinese music and works for pipa and electronic instruments by Pei-Yu Shi and Ludger Brümmer.
Pipa: Yi-Chu Wang and Yun-Han Su


9 pm, ZKM_Music Balcony; admission with ticket for Solo Pipa
Brian O’Reilly: Weather Mechanics
Audio-visual multi-screen performance. Live analogue video synthesis with the use of Sandin Image Processors.


Sun. 28 January
3 -6 pm, ZKM_Media Theater; admission free
Hear and Now. Audiovisual installation by Florian Grond on display after the festival until 02.05.


3-6 pm, ZKM_Lecture Hall; admission free
Let’s make Small Fish


8 pm, ZKM_Cube; admission: € 8/5
Little Giants. Traditional Chinese music and new works by Pei-Yu Shi.
Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra; conductor: Chih-Sheng Chen

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| February 2007

Fri–Sat, 02–03 February 2007
Music Festival in the ZKM_Cube, both concerts at 8 pm
Admission: Fri. € 8/5, Sat. € 5/2,50


Fri. 02.02.07, 8 pm, ZKM_Cube
Works by Nicolas Tzortzis, Alexis Perepelycia, Carlos Lopez Charles, Paulo Ferreira Lopes, Kumiko Omura, Juan Camilo Hernández-Sánchez.
Saxophon: Pedro Bittencourt.
Video: Brian O’Reily


Sat. 02.03.07, 8 pm, ZKM_Cube
Concluding concert of the master course “New performance techniques for the saxophone” with Marcus Weiss, Basel. Works by Matthias Ockert, Vito Zuraj, Giacinto Scelsi, Georges Aphergis, Wolfgang Rihm, Wolfgang Heininger and Giorgio Netti.
Saxophon: Marcus Weiss (Ensemble für Neue Musik)
Conductor: Prof. Gérard Buquet


Wed/Fri 07/09 February 2007
»The Karlsruhe Conservatory of Music«
Guest performance at the ZKM
Concert, ZKM_Cube, 8 pm, admission € 5/2,5


Wed. 02.07.07
»Nuove Scene Polidimensionali«, The Institute for New Music and Media
An evening of theatrical chamber music by Márton Illés

Fri. 02.09.07
Works from the ComputerStudio by (among others) Matthias Ockert, Damon Thomas Lee, Birke Bertelsmeier, Sijie Zhang
Sound director: Rainer Lorenz
Conductor: Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Troge

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March 2007

Fri–Sun, 02–04 March 2007

»Quantum Leaps IV«
The Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie (IEMA)
Guest performance at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics
Festival in the ZKM_Cube; admission for each concert:
€ 8/5


Fri., 03.02.07
8 pm, ZKM_Cube; admission:€ 8/5
The rigorous older generation
Including works by Stockhausen, Boulez


Sat., 03.03.07
8 pm, ZKM_Cube; admission: € 8/5
The boisterous young
Works by Lindberg, Gordon


Sun., 03.04.07
8 pm, ZKM_Cube; admission: € 8/5
The rich in sound
Including works by Eötvös, Vivier

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