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ZKM | Laboratory for Antiquated Video Systems

The ZKM | Laboratory for Antiquated Video Systems, founded in 2004, is the only such research facility in Europe. Here methods are developed to restore decades old videotape and rare tape cassette formats which are largely no longer playable. With equipment consisting of more than 300 devices, the laboratory is in the position to convert almost 50 various video formats from the mid-1960s to the 1980s into high-quality digital form and so secure them for the long-term.

The goal of the laboratory is the scientific restoration, preservation and archival storage of the ZKM's singular holdings with the help of equipment from private and public sources: a digital Noah's Arch that saves media art from vanishing.

Works of video art that in many cases have not been showable for more than 30 years, or only in bad copies, can now be seen again in their original quality. The same is true of rare video documentation of art events from the 1960s and 70s. The rescued audio-visual material is made available to the public at exhibitions, in DVD editions and in the collections of the ZKM | Media Library.][

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