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Media Museum: Due to exhibition preparations in the ZKM | Media Museum [Atria 8 and 9, Ground floor] during the period of November 01 through December 15, 2006 entrance fee will be reduced. For further information see »» here

special Opening hours: November 01, 2006 [All Saints' Day]: 10am-6pm


Symposium and Exhibition »Paul Virilio and the Arts« :: Special about Virilio's aesthetic approach is his understanding of politics as a unique aesthetic position. The question of power in art thus becomes redundant, since artistic expression already, the employed technical means as well as the correlating stylistic possibilities are a sign of a political position. The symposium accompanying the exhibition will discuss and seek answers to these questions. The exhibition will grasp Virilio's philosophy in numerous pictures and videos.
[Symposium: November 3rd-November 5th, 2006 | ZKM_Media Theater || Exhibition: November 4th, 2006-January 7th, 2007 | ZKM|Media Museum, project space | Opening: Fri, November 3rd, 2006, ZKM_Foyer, 7pm]


FASTER! BIGGER! BETTER! Signet works of the collections: Sylvie Fleuryís neon writing supplies the title for the presentation of our museumís new collections. Signet works of our present and recently acquired private collections will be displayed on all three levels of the atriums 1 and 2 - The exhibition runs until January 07, 2007 ⁄⁄ zkm.de/signetwerke
totalstadt. beijing case: Cultural aspects of the high speed urbanization in china Final presentation of the scholarship holders of the project »Beijing Case« - The exhibition runs until January 07, 2007 ⁄⁄ zkm.de/totalstadt

Silent Music. George Brecht 80. Radio plays :: In the time from 1983 to 1995, George Brecht realized three radio plays for West German Radio's studio of acoustic art. These pieces will be presented non-stop performance in a specially designed listening booth. Maintaining a buoyant reserve with regard to the Fluxus movement, George Brecht is one of its most fascinating personalities and is honored with this listening booth at the ZKM | Media Museum - The exhibition runs until December 3rd, 2006 ⁄⁄ more
The Museum of Time Based Art :: The ZKM now open itself completely to the art of time and, furthermore, present the works of film and music in the permanent collection - The exhibition runs until early 2007 ⁄⁄ more
The Algorithmic Revoluion and World of Games: reloaded :: Over the past 50 years, algorithmic decision-making processes have come very much to the fore as a result of the universal use of computers in all fields of cultural literacy - from architecture to music, from literature to the fine arts, and from transport to management. The exhibition draws on the ZKM_Collection and selected loans in presenting an historical outline of this radical change in the fine arts, music, design, and architecture - The exhibition runs until early 2007 ⁄⁄ more

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