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Robert Darroll :: Moe's Field [1993-96]

Several entries in a diary form four sections of this composition. The sections encompass very diverse pictorial elements but the semiotic connectedness of these elements is not predetermined for the viewer who will find whatever "meaning" is pertinent to him at that time. The four parts are based on various techniques of collage and the juxtapositioning of visual elements in long intertwining lines of change, which often attain such a high degree of complexity that only single lines can be followed in each viewing.
- Robert Darroll -

Type of Work
Computer animation
10 min.

· Concept and realization: Robert Darroll
· Music: Kiyoshi Furukawa
· Production: Robert Darroll with the support of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media and the ZKM | Institute for Music an Acoustics.

Music software: CSound a.o.

· Institute for Visual Media

Presentations [selected]
· Premiere: 23.09.1996, Goethe-Institute, La Paz [BOL]


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