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Nicole Blaffert, Franz Wamhof :: Your World Is So Far From The One I Know [2006]

*_The video work combines the view of an anonymous city at night with an audio excerpt from the action film »Bullitt« [USA 1968; dir. by Peter Yates]. Parallel to the unedited view of a road with only a few cars passing and lit-up apartment and office buildings, one hears in full-length the sound of a ten-minute car chase, which, through its dramaturgy and concentration, defined a new style.
Furthermore, this famous sequence is also characterized by the fact that there is no dialogue, and that the acoustic dramaturgy is solely constructed by music at the beginning of the scene and then exclusively by the sounds of the car chase. Just as the long shot of the cityscape wasn't edited, also the sound is used in real-time and without edits.
Linked by the motif of driving and similar in their direct and »factual« form, the two parallel, but differing levels of sound and image de- and en-code each other. The documentary and banal image material devoid of a specific context and the »fictional«, narrative and descriptive sound enter into a complex interplay, which makes visible and discusses the structural principles and the creation of meaning characteristic for the medium of the moving image. ][

Video [Quicktime]

Type of Artwork
· Video on DVD/ 10:37 min., color, stereo, PAL
  Projection [loop], dimensions variable

· Concept and Realization: Nicole Blaffert, Franz Wamhof
· produced in the scope of a residency at the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

ZKM Departments
· Institute for Visual Media

Exhibitions [selected]

· »20. Stuttgarter Filmwinter. Festival for Expanded Media«, Stuttgart [D], 18.-21.01.2007

· »Zeitfalten«, [exhibition of the Kunststiftung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt], Medienzentrum Halle [D], 01.-10.12.2006

· Trampoline Festival »First Play Berlin«, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin [D], 12.-21.10.2006:

· »videoUNDERground. Junge Videokunst aus München und Karlsruhe«, ZKMax, Munich [D] - 03.08.- 10.09.2006

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