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Events 12 | 2006

Sun 10 December 06
A scientific time travel
Concert for strings, live electronics, and video 
by Frank Halbig with the Helios StreichQuartett
ZKM_Cube, 8 p.m., admission € 8/5, free admission for HfG graduates

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Detailed statements about the history of the earth’s climatic changes can be made based on ice core drillings from Antarctica: the data extracted from the EPICA ice core drillings comprise 750 years of climatic history.
»Antarktika« is the attempt to realize these climatic changes in a composition: A work for strings has emerged based on the data, which in its temporal progression reflects the climatic development of our planet. Additionally, the data generate the background for a video projection shown along with the concert. At a second level, the history of the gradual discovery of the Antarctic, the difficulty in reaching this inhospitable part of Earth and the fantasies that are tied with it, form a cultural-historical approach in »Antarktika«.

Further information: www.antarktika.at

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