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eSCAPE - Electronic Landscapes [1997-2000]

*_The main focus of this research project was to devise and develop heterogeneous electronic landscapes as virtual environments into which the existing diverse range of three- and two-dimensional information spaces can be integrated and linked up with each other. The »eSCAPE« framework was concerned with creating a connective as distinct from collective environment at the digital level, and to develop subjectivization tools that heighten individual efficiency by permitting interactors to move between digital spaces, or even to be simultaneously present in more than one space at once. ][

The following works were among the projects realized at the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media as part of eSCAPE:

· Jeffrey Shaw: »The Distributed Legible City« [1998]
· Knowbotic Research: »IO_dencies Sao Paulo« [1997-99]
· Masaki Fujihata: »Nuzzle Afar« [1998]
· The Swedish Institute for Computer Science [SICS] : »The Web Planetarium« [1998]

Type of project
Research project

Institute for Visual Media

Partners: ZKM | Karlsruhe [D]; University of Lancaster [UK]; Swedish Institute of Computer Science [S]; The University of Manchester [UK].

Project direction and concept ZKM: Jeffrey Shaw, ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

A research project within the framework of ESPRIT, the EU information technologies program.


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