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Bernd Lintermann

Head of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

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Bernd Lintermann is working as both artist and scientist in the field of real-time computer graphics with a special focus on interactive and generative systems. The results of his research are applied in various different contexts in the sciences, the arts and in the commercial sector. His work includes computer generated images, interactive installations and projection environments.

Bernd Lintermann’s work is presented worldwide in museums and as part of festivals, including presentations at the ICC InterCommunication Center in Tokyo, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the ZKM | Karlsruhe, ISEA, DEAF and the Ars Electronica Festival.
He has collaborated with internationally renowned artists such as Bill Viola, Peter Weibel and Jeffrey Shaw, and has created works for the CAVE™ environment as well as for dome-shaped and panoramic projection environments. In addition, he has published numerous scientific papers, inlcuding contibutions to the SIGGRAPH conference.
He is co-founder of the company »greenworks« that develops further his software »xfrog«, a software for the procedural modeling and animation of organic objects, which is used by companies from the entertainment industry, such as Electronic Arts, Lucas Digital and Digital Domain.
Since 2005, Bernd Lintermann is head of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media and since 2006 Professor at the State Academy of Design [HfG] in Karslruhe, Germany.

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° CV ::

* 1967 in Düsseldorf [D], lives an works in Karlsruhe [D]

Studies in computer science at Karlsruhe University [TH] with a focus on computer graphics

Participation in the ESPRIT-Project HUMANOID on the real-time animation of virtual characters at Karlsruhe University [D]

Development of the integrated procedural modeling-, animation- and rendering system »xfrog« with focus on complex organics structures, plants and growth simulation

Diploma at the Institut fuer Betriebs- und Dialogsysteme, Department of Computer Sciences at Karlsruhe University [D]/ thesis on the program »xfrog«

Foundation of the company »greenworks« with Oliver Deussen

Scientific Publications and lectures at international conferences on modeling and growth simulation of plants

»Virtual Environments, Real Space«, workshop of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, Karlsruhe [D]

Artist- and Scientist-in residence at the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, Karlsruhe [D]

Research Associate, ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, Karlsruhe [D]

since 2005
Head of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, Karlsruhe [D]

since 2006
Professor at the State Academy of Design [HfG], Karlsruhe [D]


° Awards [selected] ::

Prix Ars Electronica 2004, Linz [A]: Honorary Mention, category »Interactive Art«; Prix Ars Electronica 2000, Linz [A]: Honorary Mention, category »Interactive Art«.


° Works [selected] ::

B. Lintermann, T. Belschner, M. Jenabi, W. A. König: »CloudBrowsing«, 2008-09
  [Interactive installation for PanoramaScreen/ research project]

B. Lintermann, J. Böttger, T. Belschner: »Globorama« [2007]
  [Interactive installation for PanoramaScreen/ research project]

B. Lintermann, T. Belschner: »Sono reMorphed« [2007]
  [Interactive installation for PanoramaScreen and Sound Sphere]

B. Lintermann: »Sketches of Utopia« [2005]
  [Interactive installation with generative architecture and Infinity screen]

J. Shaw, B. Lintermann: »Cupola«, 2004
  [Dome-projection with real-time image processing]

N. Krüger, A. Bernhardt, A. Kratky, B. Lintermann, J. Sauter, J. Schröder, A. Werner: »Marlowe: Der Jude von Malta«, 2002
  [Interactive set design with multi-channel projection for the opera by A. Werner]

B. Lintermann, J. Shaw: »Utopia Triumphans«, 2002
  [Real-time generated set design for Renaissance corals performed by the Huelgas Ensembles]

M. Gleich, J. Shaw, B. Lintermann, T. Belschner, L. Wallen, M. Wolff-Plotteg: »Web of Life«, 2002
  [Interactive networked installation with stereoscopic projection]

M. Bielicky, B. Lintermann, T. Belschner: »Room with a View«, 2000
  [Interactive dome-projection/ permanent installation at the Skoda Pavillion at the VW Autostadt in Wolfsburg, D]

A. Hegedüs, J. Shaw, B. Lintermann, L. Stuck: »reConFIGURING the CAVE«, 1999
  [Interactive installation with stereoscopic front and floor projection]

B. Lintermann: »Computergenerierte Bilder 1«, 1995/1999
  [Computer generated photographic prints]

B. Lintermann, T. Belschner: »SonoMorphis«, 1998
  [Interactive installation with stereoscopic projection]

A. Hegedüs, J. Shaw, B. Lintermann, L. Stuck: »conFIGURING the CAVE«, 1997
  [Interactive installation for CAVE™ environment/ collection of the ICC InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, J]

B. Lintermann: »Morphogenesis«, 1997
  [Interactive installation]


° Exhibitions/ Festival Participations [selected] ::


Bernd Lintermann, Mahsa Jenabi, Werner A. König, Torsten Belschner: »CloudBrowsing«, PanoramaLab, ZKM | Karlsruhe [D]

»YOU_ser 2.0: Celebration of the Consumer«, ZKM | Karlsruhe [D]

»PanoramaFestival: Works for the PanoramaScreen. 360°-Projections of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media«, ZKM | Karlsruhe [D]
Bernd Lintermann, Torsten Belschner: »Sono reMorphed«, ZKM | Karlsruhe [D]

»Arte Scienza. Spazio Deformato: Moving Space«, Casa dell’Architettura, Rome [I]

»Masterpieces of Media Art from the ZKM Collection«, ZKM | Media Museum, Karlsruhe [D]

»Metamorphosis«, Lille 2004 - European Cultural Capital 2004, Lille [F]
»Future Vision«, Kyoto [J]
»Festspiel+«, Munich Opera Festival, Haus der Kunst, Munich [D]

»Future Cinema. The Cinematic Imaginary After Film«, ZKM | Karlsruhe [D]

»8th Munich Biennial 2002«, Muffathalle, Munich [D]
Ars Electronica, Linz [A]
»Art of Immersion«-Festival, Bonn [D]
»Zeitfenster Biennale Alter Musik«, DaimlerChrysler Building, Berlin [D]
»ZKM Music Festival«, Karlsruhe [D]

»Abstrakte Fotografie« [Abstract Photography], Kunsthalle Bielefeld [D]

»Vision and Reality«, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek [DK]

Skoda Pavillon of the VW Autostadt, Wolfsburg [D] - [Permanent installation »Room with A View]
»Medien Sommer Festival«, Karpfenburg Castle [D]
Ars Electronica, Linz [A]
»ISEA 2000«, Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts [ENSBA], Paris [F]
»EXIT/VIA Festival«, Creteil [F]
»Warsaw Autumn«, Warsaw [PL]

»Video Virtuale - Foto Fictionale«, Museum Ludwig Cologne [D]
»11. Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media«, Stuttgart [D]

»surrogate«, ZKM | Karlsruhe [D]

ICC InterCommunication Center, Tokyo [J]
Inaugural exhibition of the ZKM | Karlsruhe [D]


° Publications [selected] ::

O. Deussen, B. Lintermann, Digital Design of Nature: Computer Generated Plants and Organics, New York: Springer, 2005.

O., Deussen, B. Lintermann: »Artificial Plants«, in Future Cinema. The Cinematic Imaginary After Film, MIT Press, 2003.

M. Craven, I. Taylor, A. Drozd, J. Purprick, C. Greenhalgh, S. Benford, M. Fraser, J. Bowers, K. Jää-Aro, B. Lintermann, M. Hoch: »Exploiting interactivity, influence, space and time to explore non-linear drama in virtual worlds«, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [CHI 2001], Seattle, March 31-April 5, 2001.

O. Deussen, B. Lintermann: »Computerpflanzen«, in Spektrum der Wissenschaft, January 2001.

B. Lintermann, O. Deussen: »Interactive Structural and Geometrical Modeling of Plants«, IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, vol 19[1], Jan/Feb 1999.

O. Deussen, P. Hanrahan, B. Lintermann, R. Mech, M. Pharr, P. Prusinkiewicz: »Realistic Modeling and Rendering of Plant Ecosystems«, SIGGRAPH '98, Orlando, Florida, July 19-24, 1998.

B. Lintermann, O. Deussen: »A Modelling Method and Interface for Creating Plants«, in Computer Graphics Forum, vol 17, no 1, March 1998.


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