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Events 10 | 2006

Sun, 8 October 06
Performative Science and Beyond –
Involving the Process in Research

Hans H. Diebner will speak (in German) about this book, newly published by Springer Verlag, Vienna/NewYork at the ZKM_Lecture Hall, 4 p.m. free admission

[=> Information auf Deutsch]

Hans H. Diebner, physicist and mathematician, founded the ZKM | Institute for Basic Research in 1999 under commission from Peter Weibel, Director of ZKM | Karlsruhe, and ran it until the end of 2005. The encounter of art and science thus initiated has resulted in a bridge between these “two cultures.” The concept of »performative science« that evolved is therefore highly important for the field of science as well as media art. In his lecture, Hans H. Diebner will offer an overview of the research projects and results. 

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