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Events 09 | 2006

Fri–Sat, 8.–9. September 2006

Quantum Leaps III
ZKM_Cube, tickets for each concert: € 8/5

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The »Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie« will appear for its third quantum leap at the ZKM_Kubus with a completely composed festival program. Electronics, instrumental virtuosity and (a novelty at this festival) theatrical elements will considerably extend the artistic horizon of the festival. The works by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Luciano Berio demand a high degree of creative power and artistic sensibility from their interpreters. All the works of the three composers presented here play with what is known as “open form”. Because each work comes into existence anew each time it is performed, this music is truly contemporary. We may await here with interest how improvisation will be treated, how the concepts of the works will invite the musicians to improvise, and which non-planned acoustic events qua electronics will arise.


Fri. Sept. 8, 6 pm ZKM_Kubus, tickets € 8/5

John Cage: »Spiral« Karlheinz Stockhausen: »Kurzwellen« in the spectacular acoustic space of the Klangdom

Sat. Sept. 9, 8 pm ZKM_Kubus, tickets€ 8/5

Luciano Berio: »6 Sequenzas« with texts by Eduardo Sanguienti concert with theatrical elements (without breaks)


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