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Call for projects ::

Virtual Residency -
a call for a virtual migration to the model house Europe

a project by Monika Bohr, Claudia Brieske, Leslie Huppert and Gertrud Riethmüller

- > Website :: http://www.virtual-residency.net/
- > Project description
- > Informationen auf deutsch

Until July 15, 2007, international artists from all disciplines can submit concepts for installation-based works discussing the manifold issues of migration.

Residency, residence, resident – habitation, life, resident in, residence permit…
A state of personal and collective destabilization, chaotic change, emptiness… creative transit…

... clearly an extensive topic – what will happen before and after a stay or the issuing of a residence permit? Who [or what] entitles a person to settle down somewhere else and what motivates people to do so? What inner processes drive people to change?

The project Virtual Residency calls for an artistic migration and provides places of residence to the resulting ideas, concepts and images in the World Wide Web and at real places in the form of exhibitions in Germany, Poland, France and Luxembourg.
All the artistic concepts, which have been submitted, will be presented at the four exhibitions. About ten works [at each location] will be realized as media installations in the different institutions. All necessary material will be paid for by the Virtual Residency. A comprehensive and multilingual catalogue of each exhibition will be published.

Projects can be registered at http://www.virtual-residency.net, where also further infromation on the project in English, German, French and Polish can be found.

Submission and selection ::

If you would like to participate in the Virtual Residency just click on the menue item »new registration« and register. Your concept and the corresponding image video or sound files can be entered into a database. [Please enter all concepts and other data in English as well.]
Information about yourself is welcome!
You will be notified immediately, should your concept be chosen by the project team or the European partner institutions. In order to secure a professional implementation of your concept, the organizers will be in contact with you to discuss any technical details regarding the exhibition of your work.

Please note that all concepts, which have been entered into the database since 01 May 2006 and have not been chosen for an exhibition, may still be selected for one of the following exhibitions.

If you might require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the project team: info@virtual-residency.net

Timetable ::

The Virtual Residency project starts on 01 May 2006 and ends in December 2007.
The database of the Virtual Residency will remain accessible until 15 August 2007.

Artists who would like to take part in the first exhibition in Poland can enter their concepts into the database until 6 August 2006.
The first exhibition will open at the Galeria Biala, Centrum Kultury in Lublin, Poland on 06 October 2006.
The exhibition will run from 7 October through 27 October 2006.

Artists who would like to take part in the second exhibition in Germany can enter their concepts into the database until 09 December 2006.
The second exhibition will open on 4 March 2007 at the Handwerkergasse - Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte – Europäisches Zentrum für Kunst und Industriekultur.
The exhibition will run from 05 March through 01 April 2007

Artists who would like to take part in the third exhibition in France can enter their concepts into the database until 1 March 2007.
The third exhibition will open at the Galerie Faux Mouvement, Centre d’Art Contemporain in Metz, France on 26 April 2007.
The exhibition will run from 27 April through 8 June 2007

The closing event will take place within the context of the »European capital of Culture 2007« project in the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’art contemporain in Luxembourg in December 2007. The presentation will give an overview of all the »Model house«-exhibitions that were presented in the different countries.


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