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Claudia Robles, Florian Grond:


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INTERMITTENT is a generative audio-visual installation consisting of one video projection and a four-channel audio setup with one subwoofer (4.1). Ideally, the speakers are arranged in a quadratic setup depending on the given exhibition space. The video and sound material is looping permanently, and is controlled by a dynamical system in the background.

The video shows a fire-red stream of melted iron. This stream flows continuously, making bubbles and bursts at irregular times. The audio material is of similar origin and changes between intense bursts and a more even sound. Although the complex behaviour of a stream of melted iron cannot be adequately modelled by the logistical map, the qualitative dynamics of both are to a certain extent comparable. In fact, the puzzling phenomenon of turbulence is most often tackled by means of nonlinear system dynamics. Neither the video nor the sound materials have narrative structures; the stream seems to flow unchanged forever. Both materials can be reduced to manifestations of their primary natural elements. Fire can be attributed to the hot melted iron, as well as water because of its flow. Earth is represented by the hardened slag, and air, with its volatile character, is also present. In this installation, reduction to material essence meets the concept of mathematical reductionism in the comparison of a logistical map with the fluid dynamics of melted iron.

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