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Events 01|2006

ZKM Symposia

The Role of Pictures in Society.
New Ways of Using Images

An interdisciplinary symposium

ZKM|Media Theater

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Speakers ::::

Hubertus von Amelunxen
Rector of the École européenne supérieure de l'image in Angoulême/Poitiers [F]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Volker Böhnigk
University Bonn [D]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Cornelius Borck
Department of Social Studies of Medicine & Department of Art History and Communication Studies McGill University Montreal [CDN]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Horst Bredekamp
Professor of Art History at the Humboldt University Berlin [D]

Peter Chelkowski
New York University, Department of Middle Eastern Studies [USA]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Michael Diers
Professor of Art History at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg [D]

Thomas Dworzak

Tom Fürstner
University Vienna [A]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Jim Gehrz
Photographer, Minneapolis [USA]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Philip Jones Griffiths
Photographer, London [UK]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Boris Groys
Karlsruhe State College of Design [D]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Wilhelm Krull
VolkswagenStiftung [D]

Armin Linke
Photographer and Filmmaker, Mailand [I]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Scott Mc Kiernan
Founder and Director of zReportage [USA]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Klaus Neumann-Braun
University Basel [CH]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Susanne Regener
The Danish University of Education in Kopenhagen [DK]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Hans-Jörg Rheinberger
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin [D]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Birgit Richard
University of Frankfurt [D]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Florian Rötzer
Editor-in-chief of the online magazine "Telepolis" [D]
      [Biography | Abstract]

Rolf Sachsse
Saar College of Fine Arts in Saarbrücken [D]
      [Biografie | Abstract]

Peter Weibel
Chairman and CEO of the Center for Art and Media, ZKM Karlsruhe [D]


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