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Events 02|2006

on Educational and Societal TV and Media:
“Do We Matter?”

Showcase for Educational Television in Europe

Fri-Tue 17-21 February 2006

Application necessary: www.bakafe.net, or www.bakaforum.net

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For the third time the Basel_Karlsruhe_Forum on Educational and Societal TV and Media will be taking place at ZKM. This event for television and multimedia offering, with educational and socio-political goals, presents the newest developments and programs in: school television, children's as well as general youth programs, educational programs for adults and the larger public, and promises to be the most important european event of its kind. In addition there will be a seminar, in which up to 100 television producers and editors from all over europe will meet in order to exchange knowledge and ideas.

The organisers are the International Basel_Karlsruhe Media- Forum Foundation, supported by swiss television, the Management for Development and Co-operation in Switzerland (DEZA) as founders, EBU (european radio union), representatives from Karlsruhe and Basel arts councils and from the media centre of Baden-Wurttemberg state. The Southwest German Radio (SWR) takes part as special media partner.

Main points for discussion in this year’s Forum will be questions of quality and success regarding television programs with interactive media and educational and socio-political content; assessed will be how successful these projects have been in fulfilling the public’s needs and on the various practical roles they can have on a daily basis. Answers to these questions will will be sought in three areas:
1. In discussions between producers and users of television programs for schools, children and young people.
2. In co-operation with the “National Initiative for Integration and Television” resident at ZKM, in clarifying the function of television programs (and multimedia) in integrating society; analysis of intercultural coexistence and various solutions involving the consequences of migration.
3. Research into the effects of new technologies on individual and society; inquiry into the communication of adequate knowledge and on how choices for action can be represented.

For these three categories there will be a dividable prize of 12,700€ awarded to the best television program for schools, to the best educational program for adults as well as for the best multimedia entry. A children's jury will award a special prize amounting to 1,900 €.

Program enquiries, conditions of entry and application forms to the Basel_Karlsruhe_Forum can be found on: www.bakafe.net, or www.bakaforum.net.


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