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Events 02|2006

Achatz von Müller: Text-Eye-Science.

Stephan von Huene in the context
of the history of image-knowledge

Thur 02 February 2006, 7pm
ZKM-Lecture Hall, Admission free

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The traditional role of the image as conveyer of knowledge, already present since antiquity, was revolutionized by book printing. The image becomes a carrier of the »magic of knowledge«, which is theoretically insured via the picture magic of Athanasian Kircher and his disciple Caspar Schott. Stephen Heune’s works modernize such knowledge traditions through a philosophy of science.

Prof. Achatz von Muller studied law, history, literature and sociology in Berlin, Florence, and Hamburg. He works as film author for the WDR in Cologne and was professor at the Kassel University. Since 1989, he has been Professor of History at Basel University.


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