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ZKM_Events 11|2005

Art & Language & Luhmann III
What work does the artwork do?

Symposium in the ZKM-Media Theater
Sat-Sun 11/05-06/2005
Sat 2:30 pm, Sun 10:00 am
Admission free

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Speakers / Abstracts

Art & Language | Chris Gilbert | Charles Harrison | Matthew Jackson

Art & Language : »Now they are Surrounded«

Our paper falls into three parts. We shall try to talk about the work that was originally shown at the Guildhall Art Gallery in London to describe some of the conditions of its conception and production, to account for it as it was then exhibited, and to reflect upon some work that this artwork may now do in the changed circumstances of its installation at ZKM. Departing from a critique of some of the practical consequences of the Institutional Theory, we argue that the work refuses assimilation to the institutional generic and, in doing so, preserves some degree of internality. This internality is, however, not the same as Modernist autonomy, absolute or relative. It is likely that in this case internality is connected with the works pictoriality and more particularly, with its pictorial detail, which may also be identified with its textual content. A picture is not worth a thousand words or any other number perhaps, but Now They are Surrounded consists of pictures that together consist of more than a thousand words.

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