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Important note! Museum shop closed from 05 - 09 October 2005

÷ 50 years of Todd AO - ZKM in cooperation with the Schauburg Karlsruhe :: The Todd AO wide-angle technique - named after its inventor Michael Todd - was the famous attempt to develop new cinema projection and screening methods. To mark the festival in the Schauburg the ZKM is showing an artistic installation by Chris Ziegler called 66movingimages (1998–2002), a position on the present state of research in this field [more]
[Fri-Sun 10/07 - 10/09/2005 | Schauburg Karlsruhe | Marienstraße 16]

÷ Resonances in concert - Concert to mark the end of the ZKM exhibition :: The appearance of the sound artist, Christina Kubisch, at the ZKM exhibition Resonances –the electromagnetic bodies project will involve an invitation to the audience to participate in »electrical walks«, an attempt to make physically imperceptible electric waves audible. Special magnetic headphones that respond to electric fields in the surroundings provide participants in these walks with new aural impressions – the familiar suddenly appears in a different context. At the end of the exhibition Christina Kubisch will transform the aural impressions communicated by her interactive installation into a composition and provide insights into the listening experiences of electronic waves in the form of a concert [more]
[Resonances in concert | Sat 10/08/2005, ZKM-Cube | 7 pm Introduction by Matthias Ockert, admission with concert ticket | 8 pm Concert, admission €5/3]

÷ »Fair Assembly« - Exhibition Project in the Context of »Making Things Public«, curated by Steve Dietz :: Fair Assembly is an experiment not just on exhibit but in exhibiting. It is an online fair at a very large scale, which is, as Bruno Latour suggested in early discussions about Making Things Public: »accessible to all the institutions, activists, teachers, political parties, artists who would have a wish to present, not so much their views on contested topics but the practical mechanisms to try to solve them.«
The open database of Fair Assembly is not about transparency, however. Not only is this impossible - its protocols and machine-readable languages are literally meaningless to humans unless mediated — but it is undesirable. Not everything will be accepted into the database but only some things - projects that are matters of concern for Making Things Public. The following questions are asked:
Is your project - or was it - an innovation? Does it lie at the intersection of information gathering and opinion making? Does it make a difference, no matter how small, to the question of democracy? Can it be "exported," at least conceptually, for use or comparison in other domains other than the one for which it is currently designed?
=> http://makingthingspublic.zkm.de/fa/

:: ZKM Exhibitions

÷ Resonances. The electromagnetic bodies project:: The exhibition »Resonances« features a selection of works by artists who have immersed themselves in the phenomenon of electromagnetism, and examines the differences and similarities between »organic« sensors and man-made anorganic artifacts as well as the impact of the invisible yet measurable forces on our sensory perception [more]

÷ Masterpieces of Media Art from the ZKM_Collection :: The exhibition presents a panorama of media art from its early days in the 1950s up to current net art, which no other museum in the world has to offer [more]

÷ The Algorithmic Revoluion and World of Games: reloaded :: Over the past 50 years, algorithmic decision-making processes have come very much to the fore as a result of the universal use of computers in all fields of cultural literacy - from architecture to music, from literature to the fine arts, and from transport to management. The exhibition draws on the ZKM_Collection and selected loans in presenting an historical outline of this radical change in the fine arts, music, design, and architecture [more]

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