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÷ George Gruntz Octet : »Magic of the Flute«, Sat, 05/07/2005 :: In The Magic of the Flute, composer George Gruntz and librettist Peter O. Chotjewitz have created a new jazz opera. Title and cast might be based on Mozartís famous work, but this new opera makes no other reference to it. For this is an entirely autonomous work, with elements of twelve-tone, jazz, calypso, and funk, which unlike many other attempts at jazz opera, really does deserve the name. As well as the written parts, the instrumentalists have plenty of opportunities to play solos.
[George Gruntz Octet »Magic of the Flute« | Sat, 05/07/2005, 8pm | ZKM_Media theater | Tickets Ä 30 (no reductions since benefit concert)]

÷ The Picture's Image : »Scientific Visualisation as a Composite«, Sat-Sun, 05/07/-05/08/2005 :: Medicine and the natural sciences have recently witnessed the emergence of a new version of the iconoclastic controversy. Not only has talk of an image-based medicine or of the imaging of the natural sciences provoked fierce dispute in these fields, but the humanities and social sciences too are increasingly engaging with the function of images in the production and organisation of knowledge. The conference, »The Picture's Image. Scientific Visualisation as a Composite« examines the role of images in the formation of knowledge. The panel includes Olaf Breidbach, Manfred Faßler, Hans Ulrich Reck, Gunnar Schmidt and others.
[Public Conference »The Picture's Image« | Sat-Sun, 05/07/-05/08/2005, 10am | ZKM_Lecture hall, admission free]

÷ Culture Wars - Hitlerís Speeches on Art, Fri, 05/06/2005 :: Between 1933 and 1939 - on the occasion of exhibition openings at the Haus der Deutschen Kunst in Munich and at cultural meetings at the Nuremberg party conferences - Adolf Hitler made a series of programmatic speeches on art and cultural politics. This one-day symposium will present the central concepts of Hitlerís »art theory,« including a discussion on how the powerful historical impact of these speeches may be explained. Speakers: Elisabeth Bronfen, Robert Eikmeyer, Boris Groys, Wolfgang Ullrich.
During the event, the ZKM will present for the first time the surviving film and sound recordings of the speeches, and also H. Feierabendís colour film on the Day of German Art in Munich in 1939. This audio and video material will be available to participants and visitors outside the Media Theatre from 3pm onwards.
[Culture Wars | Fri, 05/06/2005, 4pm | ZKM_Media Theater, admission free]

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