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ZKM Events May 2005

upDate: Claudia Robles with Tejo Janssen

Sat, 05/28/2005, 6pm
ZKM_Cube, admission free

[=> Information auf Deutsch]
[=> www.claudearobles.de]

Lecture, ZKM_Cube 6pm
The Columbian Claudia Robles, currently artist in residence at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, is interested in the unpredictable. Her works are not representations of the existent, but rather question the relationship between forms and their meaning; they conjure up spaces that are alive, creative expressions of the instantaneous. In her lecture, Claudia Robles will show excerpts from her work and present her installation SEED/TREE.

Lecture, ZKM_Cube 7pm
Choreographer and dancer Tejo Janssen studied with the founders of Butoh, Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. In his lecture he examines the origins and characteristics of this mythical/mystical dance-form in images of nature, mental images, experiences and memories expressed or alluded to through sparing movement.

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