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÷ Fri, 04/29/2005 :: Ant Farm 1968-1978, Exhibition Opening :: The ZKM shows the first exhibition to survey the work of the legendary architecture and art collective, Ant Farm. A group of radical architects who were also video, performance and installation artists - but above all, visionaries and cultural commentators. Ant Farm was founded by Chip Lord and Doug Michaels in 1968 amidst the hot-house of San Francisco's counter-culture. Influenced by »alternative« architects like Buckminster Fuller, Archigram, and Superstudio, Ant Farm's early inflatable structures were suited to a nomadic, communal lifestyle, divergent from the mainstream Brutalist architecture of the 1960s. Ant Farm disbanded in 1978 after a fire in their San Francisco studio destroyed a great deal of their work. This exhibition is centered around a visual »timeline« of the group, which includes ephemera, blueprints, publications, documents, drawings, collages, photographs, architectural models, and documentary video clips.
[Ant Farm 1968-1978 | Opening: Fri, 04/29/2005, 7pm | Exhibition: 04/30/-07/24/2005 | ZKM_Museum for Contemporary Art, Project room]
[Chip Lord lecture | 04/30/2005, 6 pm | ZKM_Lecture hall]

÷ Sat, 04/30/2005 :: ⁄⁄⁄ZKMax_Symposium »Handheld tools for creative people«, Deadline for submissions :: Rapid advances in mobile technologies transform mobile phones more and more to powerful personal devices that offer a multitude of functionalities. Market analysts forecast a rapid growth of the sales number mobile devices in the coming years. With a special focus on new applications that enable mobile users to unfold their own creativity, the aim of the symposium is to determine new research fields that will be essential over the next 5-8 years. The symposium, held at the ⁄⁄⁄ZKMax, Munich [D] invites submissions in the form of papers, position statements, and system demonstrations relating to the following themes. Submission deadline is 30. April. 2005. Further information: www.xinober.de.
[Symposium »Handheld tools for creative people« | 06/15/-06/17/2005 | ⁄⁄⁄ZKMax, Munich | Deadline for submissions: 04/30/2005]

÷ Thurs, 04/28/2005 :: Florian Hecker: Stereo Diffusion, Concert/Performance :: Florian Hecker's interest in the field of contemporary music is aimed especially at computer music. He has specialized in this media ever since sounds at concerts were generated by laptops. He is part of the young Austrian music scene and his performances have meanwhile been heard and seen throughout the world. His concert at ZKM will complement his acoustic work that can be experienced from 25 March until 19 May at the Badischer Kunstverein in the context of the exhibition »Kritische Gesellschaften« (Critical societies). It is based on the sonification of various chaotic functions, which Hecker has developed in the last few months. At the ZKM he will present this work in the form of a live performance.
[Florian Hecker: Stereo Diffusion | 04/28/2005, 8pm | ZKM_Mediatheatre | Tickets 5/3]

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