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ZKM_Events :: April 2005

upDate: Pei-Yu Shi

Fri, 04/01/2005
Lecture: ZKM_Cube, 6pm, free admission
Pipa. Studio concert: ZKM_Cube, 8pm, Tickets: € 5/3

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Pei-Yu Shi, from Taiwan, currently a guest artist at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, does not want to limit herself in her musical production. Her repertoire includes pure instrumental music for Western and traditional Chinese instruments along with pure electronic music and also mixed forms. During her residency at the ZKM, Pei-Yu Shi, a student of Wolfgang Rihm, developed a piece for the Pipa - a Chinese lute - and tape recorder, which she will present on this evening. In her talk, she will first explain the classical way of playing the Pipa, then report on the development of a new playing technique, and finally, explain how she worked this into her own composition. Furthermore, she will explain her thoughts on the aesthetics of the ensemble playing of the old traditional instrument with modern electronics.

Pipa. Studio concert
Following the young Taiwanese composer Pei-Yu Shi’s introduction of her artistic creation in her upDate at 6pm, in the further course of the evening, she will present her works in the ZKM Cube. The program will focus on the Pipa, the traditional Chinese lute. Inspired by her acquaintance with the musician Shi-Ron Wang - in Taiwan, a star on the Pipa - Pei-Yu Shi has written several pieces for this Chinese instrument, with and without electronics. For this concert, Shi-Ron Wang himself will be playing the lute. He will present several classical pieces followed by modern compositions by Pei-Yu Shi and Ludger Brümmer [Head of ZKM_Institute for Music and Acoustics] - including two premières.


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